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Updated: May 5, 2020

I believe...

I believe in honesty, but the type of honesty no one wants to actually hear. You're not being truly honest if you don't piss people off every now and then.

I believe in fairy tales, but anyone who knows anything about fairy tales knows that there are just as many Monsters in them, as there are Heroes.

I believe that you cannot be your true self without collecting a few enemies at the same time.

I believe in spirituality and growth, in peace and the journey to find the frequency upon which your soul vibrates. But I also believe that sometimes peace equals a punch in the face, or the blunt communication to someone that you will not be fucked with.

I believe that there is nothing wrong with swearing, cause fuck it!

I believe there is nothing wrong with losing your temper; only sociopaths are always happy, and keep themselves under control.

I believe there is nothing wrong with shouting sometimes; a lion's got to roar, and wolves got to howl.

I believe we're animals playing at being civilised, but only if we accept our true nature can we then learn to control or change it.

I believe that the road to any kind of true growth and achievement only exists if you are willing to sweat and bleed in the building of it.

I believe in being like the tall grass in the wind, never fighting against the flow of life, but learning to flow and adapt to it. But... just because the grass looks peaceful and yielding, doesn't mean that there isn't a tiger amongst the grass, waiting and hiding, ready to kill.

I believe in Martial Arts and the Way of the Warrior. We were born to run, jump, hunt, climb, fight, roll in the dirt, and swim in the sea. Our bodies are like dull pieces of metal, but with the tools of focus, determination and heart we have the ability to sharpen ourselves into swords that cut with wisdom.

I believe in Hip Hop because Culture is Life, Style is Flow and the Rhythm of the Beat is my Heart.

I believe in Nature; Her Beauty is a blessing. We were born from Her and will return to Her. Her power is absolute.

I believe in Music! It speaks to the very atoms in our body, causing a symphony of movement on a level so deep all we can do is just let go and allow it to move us; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe in Travel, because the person you are meant to be is scattered around the world calling for you to come and find yourself.

I believe that the only person you can truly change is yourself.

I believe in Acceptance, because in the end the only constant is Change.

I believe that the fact that we actually exist in this universe is proof that our potential is limitless.


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