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Updated: May 5, 2020

We walk blissfully into our future with our eyes shut to the possibility of things to come, a dying world finding it hard to breath under the oppression of humanity’s thumb.

Living fake lives vicariously through celebrities we lock our selves away and deny what’s real, unable or unwilling to see the problem in a world born of Nature now replaced by Concrete and Steel.

We feed off superficialities served to us through TV, films and the Press, ignoring that these principles are instilling in people complexes, stripping away their confidence till there is nothing left.

You think we’d be ashamed at how we treat our fellow woman and man, but it seems people are too preoccupied with the size of their bank account or price of the rings on their hand. Or it’s the car you drive, the shoes you wear or the size of your pay cheque, all things brought to you by a corporate monster that feeds off your debt.

You’ll pay five pounds for a plain top, but if I sow a label on you’ll pay the same price times ten- does that make sense? Yet you walk pass people begging in the street unable to spare a few pence.

We’re a world drowning in debt where words like ‘poverty’, ‘starvation’ and ‘death’ have now become common place; we’re smart enough to send a man to the moon but not smart enough to see that it is our own Greed and Egos that is killing the human race.

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