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Updated: May 5, 2020

I want to write ferociously and slay dragons with my pen , because what are words if they don't storm the walls of belief, determined to penetrate someone's being and make them question themselves a little deeper?

I want to write ferociously and be a storm in a world where everyone else is content to be the breeze, because what is poetry if it doesn't pierce the heart and lungs? If it doesn't clamp hold of the breath in someones body and hold them tight in its grasp of verses, until they collapse wide eyed and exhausted.

I want to write ferociously with the wild spirit of a mountain lion, who refuses to let anyone reach the peak unless they truly have the conviction and will to do so, because what is a story if it doesn't blur your reality with fiction. What are prose unless they make you unsure where the characters end and you begin, pulling you in until you're lost in the drama of the make believe world in front of you.

I want to write ferociously!

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