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I’m searching for something Real. The Real Moments that plant seeds of knowledge that grow and blossom into the wisdom we use to inspire as we grow old. Real Moments, salted with the bitter tears that are shed over the realisation of helplessness, and the death of dreams, but then reincarnated as strength born from struggle. I’m searching for Real People, unable to speak unless it’s the truth, punctuating lies with silence but unable to be silent with themselves. Real Individuals who work hard when faced with the job of sacrifice, not to achieve success but to swim in the sea of fulfillment. Real People who only hide their emotions when contemplating the pain they may cause. Unafraid of making enemies, as they understand that to be true to oneself enemies must be as accepted and welcomed as friends. I’m searching for the Real Colour of things in a world painted, re-painted and glossed over in the fake tones of material-commercial-capitalism. I’m searching for someone… someone Real enough to possess my Soul, someone to die for… someone who forces me to reveal my Shames and question my Worth. I’m searching…

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