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The Tribe Following a Vibe

There's a Tribe of people out there, my tribe! It's made up of Dreamers, Chasers, Artists and Adventurers. Those truly pursuing a lifestyle filled with Growth, Spirituality, Travel, the Warrior's Way, Dance, Art, Music, Creation, Self knowledge, Health, Wisdom and Freedom.

We Travel the world to find those pieces of ourselves calling to us, wanting to experience views from mountain tops, and see the sunset over oceans.

We need to write, paint, and build, because creativity is our release.

We need to dance, run, fight, climb and swim, to satisfy our restless spirit.

We need music, and singing, and poetry.

We want to know ourselves, others, the World, and the Universe, so deeply that it leaves us breathless.

Nature is where we can fully breathe. And as we grow through our experiences, gain wisdom, learn and evolve, we are constantly amazed by the depths that exist within us, and how wide our eyes open to all the crazy-wonders of life that we begin to see have always existed around us.

This lifestyle is a feeling that we find in the experience of doing all the things we are passionate about. And once we find it, once we know it, and can taste it in our hearts, we can't let it go, because it's in us, it's a part of us, it is what makes the very atoms at our being vibrate with the energy of living! It's 'a Vibe!' And from the moment we discover that vibe, we are compelled to follow it, without hesitation or regret, to everywhere it calls us, and for the pure sense of 'fully existing,' that it gives us.

We are that Tribe, travelling the lands, making connections and getting lost. And as we follow that Vibe we become it, and spread it, everywhere we go, as we search for all the beings and things that vibrate on the same frequency as us, and in turn help us to vibrate on a level even higher and deeper than we ever imagined.

We know the true life we seek to live by the Vibe that we feel when pursuing it. We trust in it, and continue to follow that Vibe.

-Emmanuel Adelekun

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