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How Following Your Vibe Changes You

No one starts in the same place, or is triggered by the same reasons. For some people it's something traumatic, or dramatic, that opens their eyes and makes them want more than what they see. For others it's a combination of things, or one thing in particular, such as an experience, a place, a book, a person, or an introduction to something that suddenly leads them down a path they never imagined. And some individuals are just born with a desire swirling in their stomachs, their spirit already calling them towards a way of life that they can feel, deep down, exists out there. But for whatever reason we start, once we feel that Vibe, that path, that way, that calling to something more, we all willingly jump down that rabbit hole, free fall into the wonder of it all, and suddenly everything starts to change in us.


Your body calls for you to move in various ways!

You need to stretch, and bend and release all the tension and stiffness that can creep into an inactive body.

You realise how power and tribal the art of dance is. How the very sound of music seeps into your bones and makes your heart beat like it used to when you were young and locked eyes with your crush for an instant.

You need to run, to become wild again, feel your feet pounding the ground and your

lungs working to pump air throughout your body.

You need to climb, to channel your primal ancestors and feel your strength come to life in the act of pulling and scrambling over rocks, and trekking up mountains.

You suddenly want to fight! Not to kill, or hurt people, but because there's a primal energy in you that wants to experience what it's like to clench your fist and bruise your knuckles! What it's like to grapple, kick, knee, elbow, and see if you can survive such things being done to you.

You realise you were built to move, that you are made of kinetic energy! Particles whizzing and zinging to make up the matter that is you, and through the connection and channeling of that energy, through movement, you find your rhythm and flow, and come to life in a way that leaves you breathless.


Your whole relationship with food changes. You become fully aware that food isn't just something you stuff in your mouth when you're hungry, or get a craving. Food is actual fuel for your body. Everything you consume becomes a part of you, is broken down into your blood and fed to your actual organs. Food is the one thing that you are constantly putting into your body, and you begin to understand that 'Nutrition' isn't just a word, it's the key to the magic of a light and healthy existence.

You start to see the things that come out of plastic, ready to eat only after a few turns in a microwave, and realise that microwaves and plastic don't give birth to Nutrition. So you start to eat a little better; more fruit and vegetables, less or no meat. You cut down on sugary treats, realising they are called treats and not actually food, for a reason. You stop with the fizzy drinks, cut down on alcohol, put away the cigarettes if you ever smoked. You start to eat based on words like 'Protein and Complex Carbs,' and less based on slogans sold to you by companies who enthusiastically sell you poison wrapped in artificial flavours.

Water becomes life! You remember as a child how a drink wasn't a drink unless it was coloured and flavoured, and laugh at how, for whatever reason, your young taste buds couldn't comprehend just how good it feels to simply drink a glass of water.

You feel lighter, less blotted, some people say you look younger, and all this makes the understanding clearer; food is constant medicine that you feed your body, and it's up to you to prescribe the best medication for yourself.

You still have your treats, your vices, because fuck it, we all do! You just don't over indulge now that you're a lot more aware of what you're putting inside yourself, and why.

And then, one day, you try to go back to what you used to eat all the time, because you suddenly have a craving, or you're in a place where that is all there is. And so you eat it, that sugary, salty, bleached, added flavoured, plastic you used to call food, and you taste just how tasteless it is. You taste it in all its artificial, chemical glory and you wonder how you ever convinced your body to live off this. And after that experience, fresh fruit, vegetables and a nice glass of water, never tasted so good.


You notice that you begin to attract people with a certain energy. That these strangers don't feel like strangers, but like people you knew a long time ago but had just forgotten until you now met again. They believe in the same things as you. They are also movers, travellers, artists and creators, who watch what they feed their bodies and have a love affair with Nature, just like you.

You realise that these individuals are more than friends, they are soul mates, connections, other beings of energy vibrating on the same frequency as you.

You begin to really see people, all people. You look at your family and friends and see who they are verse who they say they want to be, while standing in the reality of who they actually are becoming. And you accept them all, on every level, because you realise that the path you are on is always open to them, if they choose to find it. You are not better than them, they are not better than you, you have just chosen different ways to live. Of course you always have to fight the urge to shake them and tell them to come and let you introduce them to the wonder of the rabbit hole you have fallen into, but you know that it's not that easy, that everyone must trip, stumble and find their own way there. All you can do is keep being you and hope that, that is enough to peek their curiosity, and urge them to seek out where you have disappeared to. WORK

You start seeking a 'living', because you realising 'a living' is very different to 'a job.'

You look at the walls which surround you on a daily basis and you decide very quickly if it's time to quit or not, if you are actually happy in this position, or if you want to build your own walls, painted in the bright colours of what you actually want to do. Or, if you want no walls, if you want to be free to pursue things you never thought possible, but now realise that it, and everything, is possible if you are just willing to put in the work.

You fully understand that time is precious. That what you chose to do with your life will not just be the source of your income, but will largely affect what mood you wake up in, come home in, and spend most of your life in.

You stop chasing money, promotions, perks or fancy titles, and instead seek true satisfaction by creating a living that allows you to give back to the world in whatever crazy method fulfills you.


Everything inside you tell you that you need to go! You need to see the sun set over oceans, from the top of mountains, and buildings in foreign lands.

Your mind crackles with excitement trying to comprehend just how big and vast the world is, how many cultures and ways of life it contains, and how many languages and lifestyles flow through it.

For a time, deep down, you just want to go and never come back! To just be a child of the earth and wander for the rest of your days. To get lost in jungles and stranded on islands. To slip between the concrete buildings of alien cities, and stumble into all their secret places.

You look at people who have never truly moved more than a few miles from where they grew up and you realise why they have never changed, why they simply went through the motion of life, and continue to do so. If you keep a fish in a bowl how can it discover all the beauty of the ocean, to then realise the infinite beauty of the ocean of life that exists within itself?

You embrace that lust to wander, to be a vagabond, an explorer, an adventurer. And even if it's just in your city or town, the lust drive you to explore, because you know that there is always something new that you haven't seen yet.


You stop believing in Love. But not because you don't think it exists, but because you realise that Love was always something other people, and things, tried to define for you; Movies, adverts, TV shows, you're friends and family. You throw away all those old definitions and accept that you don't know what Love is yet. And in that act of acceptance you find freedom, and you start again, with yourself.

You realise that the only way to find out what Love is, is to discover how to truly Love every part of whom 'you are,' because how can you recognise, give or receive such an emotion if you can't even bless it upon yourself. And that is when you truly look at yourself, at all of the parts that make you, you; especially those that you have hidden away because you were ashamed or afraid to admit that they existed within you. Then you slowly begin to heal, forgive and accept everything that is you, and you start to build a new definition of Love, smiling in the magic of it all.


You become Art; in the clothes you wear, the way you speak, how you express your emotions.

You feel the need to pick up a pen, a paint brush, or instrument. You become completely overwhelmed by the need to creatively express everything flowing within you.

You need some way to get the feelings out; to draw them in vivid splashes of colours or fine lines, to write them in poetry, story or just the rambling of words.

You feel the urge to sing, rap, or speak in a tone that rumbles up from your gut and pours out in a rhythmic flow of words.

You crave release through the beating of drums, the playing of piano keys, the strumming of strings on a guitar, as the Art that is You screams to be brought into exist, and you oblige it! As you willingly get lost in the messy energy of your Art's birth, letting it be the vessel through which you bring to life everything you want to share with this world.


Your mind, body and spirit opens to how connected to Nature we are. It damns on you that at some point we walked out of the jungle, built walls between us and the sound of the wind, and closed ourselves off to that beautiful and vital connection.

You recognise that you are an animal; you have hair, you eat, you shit, you fight, you fuck, you reproduce, and you bleed, and at some point you will die and return to the earth.

You realise how powerful it is to feel the wind on your face, the sun on your skin, and the rain in your hair! You beginning to actually notice trees and how amazing such a thing is to have grown from a seed so small that it traveled on the very wind, gave itself over to the ground, fed on sunlight and water, and expanded into something so tall, proud and magical that it can withstand all seasons, house life, and gift us the very oxygen we need to stay alive. You see trees, and all plants, and you are hit by the fact that something doesn't have to have legs, or be able to talk, to be alive. You realise, that just like plants you also need sunlight and water to grow and be healthy.

You notice how the weather affects your actual mood, the very changes in Nature causing disruptions to your vital energy levels. You start thinking about how the moon can control the tide and change the balance of the seas, and you take a moment to ponder on the fact that your body is made up largely of water, and wonder if you are in essence part of that tide the moon affects. You realise that Nature actually provides us with everything we truly need, and you being to simply want to just sit in it, to be surrounded by it, a part of it, in easy harmony with it, just like all the other animals. And you see, that to destroy Nature is to destroy ourselves.

Finally you wonder if maybe every animal could have evolved and left the jungle behind, just like us, but maybe they felt the true Love of the Mother they would be leaving behind, and so decided to stay in the womb of Nature.


You become completely and utterly thankful for everything; For your friends and family. To have a roof over your head and food in your belly. To be able to walk, talk, run, jump, laugh, cry, smile, live and breathe. You appreciate the sky and the sun for the beauty they bless upon you every day. You appreciate the way rain cleans the world, the shining moon that greets you at night, the stars that send light from their seats years away in space. The people who smile at you everyday, the innocent, energy of children, your capacity to feel and those that inspire crazy, magical feelings in you. You are thankful for music, for long nights, early mornings and days filled with possibility. You marvel and cherish every genuine, authentic connection you make with the souls of others, and know that their presence in your life is proof that miracles exist.

You acknowledge and accept that there will be hard times; you're probably familiar with many already. But that is why you are so thankful, because you accept it all- the good with the possibility of the bad. There is no other way. We are spinning on a large rock in space, around a ball of fire, protected by an invisible Ozone Layer. Life is truly crazy. Existence is crazy! Perception is crazy! It's all one big crazy, magical ride, and you are filled with infinite Gratitude, for the fact that you get to take it!

Emmanuel Adelekun

The Vivid Scribe

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