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Outbreak Europe Is A Reminder Of Why We Live This written by Emmanuel Adelekun- The Vivid Scribe

Over the year I’ve written many stories on what makes Outbreak Europe an event that always fills our souls; The Vibe, the Spirit of Hip Hop, the Moments. And after the world shutdown for almost 2 years, to finally be able to return was a powerful reminder of why we all travel so far to experience the Legits Blast festival.

You see, Outbreak Europe always reminds us of what it means to truly live this culture. In many ways it reflects how this all began through neighbourhood block parties, in underground clubs and rec centres, at jams in parks and basketball courts. For 4 days Banska Bystrica becomes the small borough in which we live hip hop.

The square becomes the block up upon which DJs set up with mega sound systems, the MC fires up the crowd on the Mic, and breakers gather like moths to a firelight, ready to burn, fly and go off. The Urban Spot is like the underground rec centre, and the Europa club is our Roxy.

Outbreak reminders us that from host to DJ, from camera person to video creator, from judge to this Vivid Scribe, most all of us were attracted to this culture because we had a desire to use our bodies to express the rhythm and beat of the music. That spirit within us never dies, but is always ready to break free and be released whenever it is called-out upon.

Outbreak reminds us that stages are dope but there is nothing like the energy of seeing breakers go off in the middle of a cypher made up of over a hundred strong disciples of hip hop. A buzzing circle of life feeding the action, no one afraid to roar, scream, jump to their feet, or grab hold of the person next to them every time one of the B-Boys or B-Girls in the centre literally becomes the living embodiment of the music or does something spectacularly superhuman.

The combatants with their crew and friends crushed together in full support behind them. Everyone’s head nodding in unison every time the DJ drops a track that bounces off the walls with heavy drums, and classic or new fresh vibes, setting a battle tone so hard everyone edges that little bit closer in anticipation of what crazy feats of dance will be displaying in front of their eyes.

Outbreak reminds us of the friends that may no longer be with us, but who we know continue to look down upon us. Their memory and spirit still lives on, inspiring us to continue to enjoy the culture through which we met and connected, remembering them every time we come together, and celebrating the lives they lived and the things they stood for.

Outbreak is a reminder that win or lose we all share the same passion for this dance. We all understand the physical, mental, and spiritual work that it takes to truly find who we are and express that to the world. Battling is one way that we help each other grow and get closer to the person we want to be, and because of this there is a love and respect born from each exchange.

Outbreak reminds us that when the day is over and the battles done, it’s all about peace, unity and having fun. We drink together, dance together, laugh, party, and get kicked out the club together, staying up to see the sun rise together.

Every year, at Outbreak, the B-Girls remind us of how much they continue to grow in experience, numbers, level, style, and togetherness. I believe that this year they made a loud case that their battle format might need to be reviewed. When you have names like Killa Kim, two-time Outbreak Champion, Paulina, Vanessa, Anti, Babyball and more, all having to do another round to compete for the last spots in the top 16, and young names like Outbreak Champion Nicka, Kimie, Carlota, Syssy, India, 671 and Emma, fully stamping their places amongst the top B-Girls in the room, well, I'm just saying, it might be time to start thinking about picking a B-Girl top 32 ; )

Outbreak is a reminder of how many breakers exist on the planet that are working hard to put their scene and country on the map, practising non-stop to be able to come out and showcase their talent to the world.

At Outbreak we're reminded to dance with style, to enjoy the music, to smile because we love this, to embrace the moment, and to release the passion and fire that feeds our love for this.

Outbreak reminds us of the people behind the scenes who help to make this all possible.

And it reminds us that you can still get drunk and win a battle : )

We need these reminders because our dance and scene is moving faster and faster every year. There is something happening in a different city and country every weekend. People are constantly on planes, trains, coaches and buses, heading to new destinations to battle, judge, host, DJ, teach, learn, experience and be a part of another jam or event. You can win today and lose tomorrow, qualify at one event and then be unsure about making it into the battle at the next.

Breaking right now is all go, all year round, so sometimes we need to be reminded of why we do this. Sometimes we need to disappear to a city that no one outside the culture would think to look for us in, so that we can breathe and enjoy our community and dance in the way that it was created to be enjoyed. This is part of what makes Outbreak a positive reminder of why we love this lifestyle, live this culture, and practise this dance. Plus, if a small city, in the middle of Slovakia, that no breaker on the scene would ever have thought to go to, can become a place in which the essence of Hip Hop can live so fully, well then it’s a reminder that through Hip Hop and breaking anything is possible.

Always much love to MG, MK, and their whole team!

Mum, sister, wives and girlfriends, media, the DJs, hosts, coach drivers, and all.

The community is real!

Emmanuel Adelekun

The Vivid Scribe

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