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One Day They Will Come For You Too

They came for the Native Americans, killed them and took their Land.

They came for the Aboriginals, killed them and took their Land.

They came for the Africans, killed them and took them as Slaves. They came for the Jews and gassed them. They came for the Muslims and labelled them all Terrorists. They came for Women's Right to choose Abortion and their Right to say MeToo. They came for the LGBT community with Ignorance and Hate. They came for Asians and said they all had Corona.

One day they will come for you too, and you'll need others to stand with you...

WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME, and They know it! That is why they never, ever, come for ALL PEOPLE at one time. You have a choice to put your GROUP aside and support and stand with the GROUP that They are attacking at that moment.

Because ONE DAY THEY WILL COME FOR YOU TOO, history doesn't lie. And at that point your SPECIFIC Group will need the help of the other Groups, or else you're on your own against Them, and They'll take from you too.

And who are THEY- Anyone who brings prejudice, hate, and harm to the world, out of an ego driven need to control, own, and take.

Emmanuel Adelekun

The Vivid Scribe

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