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In case you haven't heard, right now the 2019 SILVERBACK OPEN has been CANCELLED. Yes, the event that was completely FREE, and put large amounts of money into B-Boys and B-Girls pockets, is not happening this year, and may never happen again!

Why? Because two people have been doing nothing but throwing hate at the bigger events and everyone involved in them. The individuals have gone as deep as to claim that promoters are stealing money, dodging taxes and breaking child labour laws. Stance, IBE, and many of the top promoters and events have all been targeted. And so, instead of continuing to deal with the on-going, non-stop, hate, the backer of Silverback has finally just cancelled the event.

Now, the affect of this is a lot deeper than people know! It affects the WHOLE scene, and many of the top events that we all attend, love and enjoy, every year. NO ONE has the right to take away these things from the scene! If the scene did not want these events we would not go to them. We make our choices of what we want on our scene! We must show that as a scene we will no longer stand for this amount of hate destroying what we are building.

The story here runs deeper but before we get into how deep we first need to stand together and show our support for the Silverback Open, and hope that it comes back. If it doesn't we should at least show our support to express that we appreciate everything that, that event done for the scene. And to also show that we, IN NO WAY, support these guys, or anyone, who brings this Hate.

We done it for IBE, we done it for the Olympics, now we need to do it for Silverback! Please share this picture on your social media(s) to show your support.


#Bringbacksilverback #Keepthesilverbackopen #Silverbackbboyevents #wedontsupportthehate #Breakingscenestandup

And tag @silverbackbboyevents so they get our message.

This will be the first of many. We either build together or we lose together! This is our scene and our culture!

Everyone can have their opinion, and you don't have to get on with everyone, agree with everyone, or like everything that happens, in the scene, but NO ONE has the right to take away opportunities from the scene, and the future we are building for generations to come!

'Don't support the Hate' needs to be a strong message sent out by the scene! I'll say it again- We either build together or we lose together!

Emmanuel Adelekun

B-Boy Manny

The Vivid Scribe

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