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Groovanometry- It's more than a Jam

Groovanometry is a jam held in the city of Manchester, England, at which, every February, two exhibition battles take place; One pitting two mixed teams of invited Freestyle Hip Hop Dancers and Poppers, against each other in an exchange of hits and party inspired steps. The second exhibition battle being between 2 teams of Bboys and Bgirls, battling in a showcase of power, footwork, freezes and top rock, bringing fire to the floor. But anyone who’s ever been to Groovanometry knows that it’s also much more than a jam.

Groovanometry is the feeling of anticipation created long before the first circles are even formed, when, in the build up, they announce who will make up the mixed teams of Poppers, Freestyle Hip Hop Dancers, and the two teams of Breakers, that will later go head to head.

Groovanometry is the passing on of knowledge from the older to the younger generation, from the experienced to those new to dance, through the tradition of workshops taught by those invited.

Groovanometry is the hospitality given by event creators, Bboy LB (Anton Phung) from Smac 19 crew, and Bboy Faro (Juraj Farnik) from Filthy Dogz crew. Welcoming the guests into their homes, providing enough seasoned, BBQ chicken to feed a small army, and even making sure that it’s Halal, for the homies. It’s allowing drinks to flow, grime, garage and hip hop music to blast out, and creating an environment in which everyone can just chill and enjoy the pre-event vibes, the night before.

Groovanometry is Bboys and DJ crashed out in LB’s living room. Talks of travel and spontaneous back packed adventures between dancer and photographer, over sips of tea at breakfast. It’s MC Swifty, hours before picking up a mic, cracking, scrambling and cooking eggs for everyone to give them fuel for the beginning of the day.

Groovanometry isn’t cash prizes, clothes, sneakers or snap backs to be won. It’s the cyphers dancers crave and also hit to try and earn one of the four open spots in each exhibition battle. It’s unknown judges moving in secret, getting down and calling people out in the same circles they’re watching to see who deserves the medallion of qualification, by showing they understand cypher etiquette, and are dancing not to impress but to simply leave everything that they are, bare and pulsing, in the middle of those circles.

Groovanometry is an historian who brought back the old rivalry of North vs South, that fire of London town vs whoever wants it, that spark of South attitude vs Northern moves. Groovanometry is match ups that pity style against style, footwork cat against footwork cat, flow against flow, and legendary bboy against legendary bboy.

Groovanometry 2017 called Lil Tim back into action, gave him motivation to train hard, and he showed everyone that he’s still packing fire, after decades in the game, a legend for a reason! If you don’t know, get to know.

Groovanometry is Swift words on the mic and the power of Fu on the decks. It’s Hip Hop Dancers, Poppers, Lockers, Bboys and Bgirls, standing shoulder to shoulder in the same circles, vibing to the bangers the DJs spin out, and battling in an exchange of styles, if the moment inspires it.

It’s so many cyphers that you can turn around on the spot and literally be in another circle, only having pivoted 180 degrees, but not actually having moved from the spot you were standing on. It’s the party dance vibe that all those that do stand up styles bring.

Groovanometry is tasty Asian food, ordered by LB and Juraj for the jam, delivered hot and fresh in cooking pots; Noodles, rice, sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls and vegetables.

It’s a place to bring your family for the day. A place where you’ll see young dancers, not even old enough to drink, fearlessly calling out, and going rounds, against the older cats.

Groovanometry is where you can call out the host and he’ll oblige you with a kick the moon flip, turtles and a 2-3 spin 90 to top it off. It’s the last two exhibition battle rounds of the day being taken by LB and Faro, showing that even after all the exhausting work they put in to make such an event happen, they will always have energy to put down a round in the dance that inspires them on their journeys.

Groovanometry is a celebration of Hip Hop culture, put on to give back to the scene, bring unity, and also that all important ‘vibe.’

So yeh, just in case you didn’t know, Groovanometry is a jam that brings you very tasty and fiery exhibition battles between top dancers on the UK scene, but it’s also so much more! And if you don’t know, next year, go find out for yourself.

Emmanuel Adelekun Vivid Scribe Bboy Manny (Soul Mavericks crew)


If you want to keep up with Groovanometry check them out on FB and Instagram at: FB:

Photos taken by: GK Photography (Jekaterina Goidina) FB: IG: gkphotography_album

Header Photo by JK Photography (Jack Kirwin)

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