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OUTBREAK EUROPE!!! All I can ever say is Thank you!! I've never seen Hip Hop more alive than in this quiet city in the middle of Slovakia that I'd never heard of until OUTBREAK EUROPE came to be! This event literally has changed me in so many ways and truly shown me what Hip Hop is and means! So many moments when I just looked around, stepped back, and said 'WOW! This is why I love this culture!' Mojitos, Cyhpers, Jamming and catching up with old friends in the town square. Monster Rain Storms that I now think was the Gods giving a salute to the Power of the Event. Crazy, dope battles- the energy in that room when it is going off, when bboys and bgirls are standing opposite each other ready to go to war, and that beat drops, and the crowd goes crazy, pssfff... this is OUTBREAK!! The Two finalise bgirls both somehow coming out at the same time in their separate qualification cyphers and both killing it as if they were feeding off the energy of each other without knowing it! Stylez vs Stylez, fresh cypher call out battles... THIS IS OUTBREAK!! M.O- Freaking P dropping the dopest outdoor concert I've ever been too! Making the concrete shake with everyone jumping in the air, and showing Nature it isn't the only one that can create a storm!! This IS OUTBREAK!! And then Sunday night, the final party, up in the mountains, top of the world, trees and Graffiti both a part of nature! A band spontaneously deciding to just take out their instruments, set up and show the absolute awesome power of keys, drums and a bass, going off!! The whole room getting down together, doing steps and moves!! And then Hip Hop spinning from the DJ's decks until Four in the morning, but people still jamming, chatting, dancing and vibing, still just riding that Energy that is OUTBREAK!! Maaad love to MG and MK and their family, they've created something special in a place where you would never guess it would be created. And to the UK guys doing the do! We didn't win but anyone who knows anything about this culture, this dance, this scene, knows that the journey is where it's at and Winning is really just something you hopefully work hard enough to do along the way. LB killed it at undisputed, getting to semi finals and taking out some big headz. bgirl Terra!! Just so proud of her, as her crew. 8 years old and getting to the finals of the bgirl battle- she's called Terra for a reason, she is a beast and an inspiration! And me and my boy Spin doing what we do again in the 2on2, always going in, always learning, and always putting it down how we put it down! And just exchanging, sharing, vibing, dancing, joking, chilling, and talking about passions with all the people there, from old to new friends- just mad inspiring and real food for the soul. It's took us about 8 hours to get there, hungry and tired. We left early in the morning, on no sleep, hungry and tired. But OUTBREAK is always Worth it! Which is why, hungry, tired and getting lost- we go! You will see the footage, you will hear the stories, but unless you were there and felt it, you just don't know how, in this small quiet city, in the middle of Slovakia, the Power of HIP HOP has Grown, and Vibes on a Frequency so High, created by the event of OUTBREAK EUROPE.

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