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Updated: May 5, 2020

We drive recklessly down the information highway leaving a trail of intellect in our wake, distracted by forums where people hide behind nicknames and seek attention by talking nonsense and spreading hate. So consumed by comments, unread messages and emails that we fail to see the obvious final destination that is our fate.

Disciples to the God of Progress to whom we’ve sacrificed our words for Acronyms, our privacy for Faces and Space, as he provides us with the fuel to drive faster and faster into virtual oblivion at an ever increasing pace.

A new world filled with downloads whose new form of communication is a mass of incomplete text, obsessed with useless tools and gaining access to celebrity sex, short attention spans causing us to miss the importance of what’s now, constantly wanting what’s next, and yet…

We fly together into the tangles of this man made Web, schools of fish swimming aimlessly around an invisible Net, dodging Pop ups, Bugs and Viruses as corporations throw at us a million cheap reasons to feed the monster called Debt.

With a belief in promises of Jobs, Love and Friendship, we log on and spend most of our lives talking to people that don’t exist and yet we persist, even though deep down we know that this isn’t the way to fulfil our every deepest wish.

Content to inhale the fumes of the new opium of the masses, we smoke it fully and passive, and pass it on to the next generation with a smile and box of matches.

This is how we now live, for the price we pay, a blur of sites through which we wander and browse each and every day, what are we really searching for as we sit and google our lives away.

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