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Reality is a myth. We may all inhabit the same world, filled with the same trees, oceans, mountains and sky, but we all have difference perspectives of Reality, all seeing the world differently as a result of our circumstances, upbringing and experience.

The Reality of a poor person in poverty will be at opposite ends of the spectrum to the Reality of someone born privileged and rich. Some people see security and the ease of certainty in a nine to five job, whereas others see the confines of a life without freedom, trapped in the slavery of the economic machine.

Everyone's Reality is a story unique to their life, each of us seeing the world painted in different colours, shades, tones and textures. But sometimes those different worlds crash and collide into one another, or implode in on themselves. perspective

Some of us become so accustomed to our Reality, so comfortable in our perception of the world, we begin to believe that ours is the one true Reality, and that anyone else who does not share it simply hasn't learned to see yet. We fail to acknowledge other people's different Realities and instead transform into giants, stumbling and crashing through the worlds of others. Carelessly we kick over beliefs, step on values, and cause earthquakes that shake the foundation of other peoples Realities, as we try and force them to see everything in the same shades of grey as we do. Then we condemn them if they see blue where we see green, if they hear music where we hear noise, and if their story doesn't begin and end the same as ours.

There are those who recognise our difference in perception but out of greed and the thirst for power they lay siege to the Realities of others, storming the walls of their convictions, battering down what they choose to love, burning their villages of hope with fires of doubt, and poisoning their water supply with fear and hate.

There are times when we give up our Realities without force. We allow others to talk us into putting away the vibrant pictures of our dreams that seemed so clearly painted as our world, and we accept the dull pictures of conformity that others sell us for the overpriced sum of our souls. Or we search and strive so desperately for love and social acceptance that we shun our Reality like an embarrassing friend, and pretend that we see the world the same as others. Thinking that we can keep up the disguise of being part of a world we can't truly see, we wear fake smiles and nod our heads in agreement, or we try and force our senses to perceive and feel a Reality we are not truly comfortable with. But deep down we can feel when someone else's Reality is wrong for us. Our skin starts to itch and feel tight like it is no longer our own. We feel the phantom symptoms' of nausea as the sway and turn of this other world makes us feel uneasy and sick in the pit of our stomach. We feel our voice become trapped in our throat, wanting to speak but knowing that the words we desire to say are forbidden in this other person's Reality, and so the words stick and build up inside us, until all we want to do is scream.

The weather also feels different in the trappings of someone else's Reality. Sometimes we feel too hot, wanting to strip off the uniform they make us wear and run naked, as fast as we can, back to our way of seeing things. Or sometimes we feel too cold and want to wrap ourselves back in the warm folds of the wonderful Reality we made for ourselves, but left behind.

And sometimes circumstances make us afraid of seeing things through the eyes of others. We allow our doubt and fear to become brick walls with which we build a self imposed prison, where we hide from the true colours of the world. Believing ourselves to be unworthy and undeserving, we drive away those who might try and help us escape, flinging fireballs of guilt, shame and rejection over our fortified wall. This type of Reality can becomes a dark place where storm clouds form in our skies and rain pours down poison that fill our rivers with depression and rage.

So although Reality is a myth that myth is Real for all of us and we should always try and pocket our judgement, let go of any insecurities that someone else's Reality might bring to our world, and stop trying to force, or convince others, to change their Reality into a copy of our own. Instead we should be open to the Reality of people by taking the time to simply glimpse how they view the world.

Imagine it, if you could see the sky through the eyes of a pilot, knowing you have the ability to fly, or understand the winds and the crash of the waves, able to read the seas like a sailor. Or even hear the world with the ears of a musician, tone and rhythm the wonderful tools with which you create.

We all have something to share, a beauty in the way in which we see the world, it's just a matter of offering to exchange how we each see things.

And if you're lucky enough to meet people who perceive the world the way you do, their Reality greatly matching the colours with which your world is also painted, then I say cherish and enjoy the precious moments shared with those individuals; Letting your worlds merge together and seeing what happens when your two fantasies become one myth, within the same Reality.

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