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Updated: May 5, 2020

I have a tendency to fall in love at first sight. To forget everything I am and lose myself in the colourful eyes of a stranger.

I dive unblinking into the Blue ones, forgetting how to swam, and allow myself to drown in their sapphire depths, watching the surface float further and further away into nothingness, disappearing into the abyss of my own childish romantic notions of love.

The Green ones I cherish like sacred marbles in a child’s collection. Dazzled by their colour, I stand hoping that staring into them will make me one with this person’s soul and lead me to my purpose in this universe of unlucky hearts. The hearts which are shattered into pieces every time they lose the part of themselves that was the lover with those Green eyes.

The Brown ones are my twin. I see myself in their reflection, my own eyes peering back at me. The same hopes, the same dreams, longings and foolish desires. The same belief that somewhere, somehow, some place we’ll find the one that will catch us when we fall for them. That person who takes our hand and leads us to the confirmation that everything we believed to be real is true.

The Hazel ones are a mystery to me. They live somewhere else, a burden waiting to be loaded on to my already over sensitive soul. Never in the spectrum of colours that shuffle in glimpses pass the edge of my peripheral vision, somewhere in the background, hiding behind the shades of brown, waiting to surprise me with a look and confuse my feet, until balance becomes a dream I had but can no longer remember, and I fall at their feet the same way I did with all the other colours: the Browns, the Blues, the Greens, and the all rest, once again utterly open, vulnerable and unsure about how I’ll handle allowing myself again to fall in love at first sight.

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