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There's music in the Storm, a rhythm and flow to the way it rages; the crashing of the waves the strumming of nature's guitar, the fall of the rain hitting the world like fingers pressing down on the keys of a piano, the howling of the wind a horn section blowing out funk, and the crack of thunder the bass and snare of the drums. If you listen close you'll hear the melody, pulling, calling, challenging, daring you to dance, to move your feet and swing your arms, and allow your spirits to be ignited by the rhythm, and learn how to flow through with the storms of life.

But it's always hard to hear the music at first. We sail along on the sea of life, enjoying the breeze, the slow swaying of the waves, the passing of birds and the beauty of the sun resting in the clear blue sky. We get used to this, this easy feeling of everyday life just flowing by, our content, comfort zone of working, socialising, eating, sleeping, friends, family, holidays and parties. Then suddenly the sky starts to darken, as grey clouds block out the sun and the bird disappear. The waves begin rushing and rocking our boat, and suddenly a storm hits breaking the comfortable journey of life we were enjoying.

The storm is always unpredictable in the way it touches us. Sometimes it simply crashes into, and batters, the boat of our lives, shoving us back and forth for a while, drenching our emotions and blowing away a few of the things we thought were certain and mean to be. And then it passes as quickly as it came, leaving us a little wet, shaken and dazed.

Then sometimes the storm rages with such power that it cracks and rips the foundation of our lives, raining down uncertainty, blowing away just about everything we ever thought was securely battened down, and hitting us with waves that take us on a roller coaster of emotions, making us feel like we will never truly regain our equilibrium again. These storms can feel like they will never end, rages for days, to months, to years. And lost in the eye of them we question everything: our health, our friendships, our ability to keep or find love, our path in life, our very immortality and even our sanity. To survive it some of us hold onto anything we can for dear life. Others scream and shout at the storm, trying to fight it with equal rage, and challenging it to 'give me all you got, I can take it!' Some simply curl up on the floor and cry, unable to handle the battering the storm in flicks on them. And some simply give up and throw themselves overboard, allowing the waves to swallow them whole.

But I say again, there is music in the storm, you can hear it if you just listen for the rhythm in the chaos, let it take you by the hand and become a Storm Dancer. Ride the crashing and rolling waves like a daredevil surfer. Allow the drenching of the rain to cleanse and refresh your skin, washing away any illusions or misconceptions you allowed to creep into your life. Open you eyes to the strike of the lighting, as it illuminates and lights up your world so you can truly see things clearly. Let the clap of the thunder wake you up from monotony, and make you listen to your soul. And allow the wind to blow way all excess baggage you are carrying unnecessarily on your journey through life.

The music of the storm is a challenging ode, a raging rock song, a questioning hip hop track. It is purposefully erratic in its rhythm, constantly changing the tempo to test your ability to adapt, grow and learn, never making it easy for you but always trying to make you a stronger dancer.

The song of the storm is one of life telling you to not just let the days of pass quietly and easily by, but to life ferociously and passionately, through your emotions, through your will, drive, and conviction for life! The storm spins and dips and throws you around to remind you of the exhilarating gift of existence. To dance with the storm is to constantly learn through the questioning of yourself. It is to face your fears, to know you can rely on yourself in the darkest of moments, and to sail head long into the eye of life, unafraid and never wavering, but full of determination, excitement and the spirit of adventure.

The storm is a reminder that we cannot control the nature of life, all we can do is find a way to move in harmony with it, or else let it batter and bruise us, unable to hear its song. But once you embrace the storm you no longer look out on the horizon with fear or trepidation at the darkening of clouds in the distance. Instead you begin to learn the steps, to understand the rhythm and flow, to open up the freedom in your movement to be able to freely adapt to the changing tempo of the wind, and you sail on confidently, knowing that you are always ready for the dance.

There's an old saying that, 'calm seas do not make skilful sailors.' We never know how long or hard the storm will be but storms are a natural part of life, there is no sun without rain. And so, to embrace the storm is to embrace life. And sometimes we need a storm to realise just how beautiful it is to see the sun come out again.

For all the Storm Dancers out there, keep dancing. For those still trying to hear the music, it's there, just nod your head, tap your feet and click your fingers, and you'll hear it.

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