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If I were the creator of life and all things, the being to which everyone always asks a million questions about the purpose of life, our place in the universe, and a dozen 'why's?' Maybe I'd write the world a letter to try and put things into perspective.

I think I'd start the letter off by telling you that creating is hard, and surprisingly unpredictable work, and the first thing you have to understand is that I am trying my hardest to do this job the best I can. Then maybe I would apologise and say I am sorry because the truth is all this started out as a simple passion project. The universe is a vast and empty place, and being a lover of what you call 'Nature' I simply wanted to create some natural life, to plant some atoms and grow something beautiful, just a few flowers, trees, oceans, stars and mountains, to fill the big empty void.

So you maybe understand me better I want you to imagine having a passion for creating gardens, and to look upon your earth and see one vast land ripe for indulging that passion. In the pursue of your passion you set out to travel the earth, not by flying from place to place, but by travelling by land and sea like a nomad, trying to discover every inch of every place you go. In each destination you stop to test the air, soil and atmosphere to see if it would sustain natural life, stopping in dozens, upon dozens, up dozens of places, travelling for years, decades, even centuries, all to find the right conditions where the seeds you want to plant can grow into the flowing balance of Nature.

How many life times do you think that would take you? And even if you managed to do it within one, how many more life times would you need to retrace your steps and check up on each Garden you had planted? And within the space of those life times how many of those Gardens do you think would naturally evolved past anything you imagined?

What would you do if you returned to one of your gardens and found that a vast number of species had sprang to life in your absence? And instead of simply destroying them, you decided to take the time to understand them. Imagine how many more life times it'd take you to study every life form that had evolved, to study their habits, their ways of living and why, to learn every single one of their languages.

Maybe, to help you again put this into perspective, I'd challenge you each to learn all the individual names of each individual fish in the sea. Maybe I'd ask you to imagine what it would be like to be surrounded by a million bees, all buzzing in your ears, the buzzing being their actually language but to you it's just incoherent buzzing. Maybe I would challenge you to plant a garden of your own and wait for a colony of ants to appear in the soil. Then spend every moment, of every day, of your life watching those ants. Try to make their lives as perfect and free as possible, to learn all their names, to learn to understand their method of communication, to take care of them, and to try and stop them from fighting when they go to war, without destroying in anyway the earth in which they live, or bring any harm to a single one of them. For every second, of every minute, of every hour, of everyday, of every month, of every year, of your entire life, make these ants your soul purpose. Would you give up everything just for these ants?

And if you did, if you learned their language and finally were able to understand them, and in doing so you found out that all they asked you was 'Why?' How would you respond? Maybe I need to still put things more into perspective for you.

Have you ever met two parents who are in complete control of their children? Two parent who know where their children are at all times, two parents who have absolute power over their children, from birth into adulthood. Two parents who are able to stop their children from ever doing any bad like bullying, littering, or even killing? You might say it's not the same, that no one truly knows what raising a child will involve, that you are not able to read your children's mind, that you have no super natural powers over them that allow you to control their every action. That in the end you have to let go and let your children take responsibility for their own actions, especially when they become adults. So I ask you, why would you assume I have any more control over my creations than you have over yours?

But let me apologies again, as I have to ask you another hard question; Why do you seem so unaware that you're not the only creatures that surprised me by springing to life. And what do you think those other creatures, who vastly out number you, are asking when they howl and wine, and cry in sorrow to the sky? Maybe I'd tell you that if you could understand the language of other animals, as well as of the trees, flowers, mountains and oceans, that you would know that you're not the only ones wanting answers, that most of the time the other animals, as well as the trees, plants, oceans and mountains, are asking me why humans seem so hell bent on wiping them out, and how I can call myself a just Creator if I created this two legged, crazy human species of destruction?

Maybe I would answer your big question of 'why do I allow bad things to happen?' Well have you ever thought that I am constantly working to stop bad things from happening. I am constantly working to purify the oceans, rivers and lakes you keep polluting. I am constantly burning my fingers making sure all the stars are lit in the sky, and the fires of the Sun are regularly stoked and blazing hot, to light and nurture the earth upon which you live. I am the creative conductor of gravity, having to forever keep my skills sharp and focused or else your planet would stop spinning. I am the Caretaker and Gardener of Nature, trying to keep things flowing and in harmony. And maybe I want to ask you why you seem to be trying so hard to make my job as difficult as possible.

And I won't lie, I have contemplated taking the easy way out and simply terminating this project, as I have many more to concentrate on and give my time. In all honesty I am tired, and my hands are cut, bruised and swollen from the constant work. Sometimes I can't think straight because of all the languages I have to decipher in my head, because I am constantly studying everything that exists on this earth, trying to understand and figure out the best way to keep things in balance and harmony. And not just for this one eco system, but for the dozens I have planted all over the universe. Creation is demanding work, and sometimes I just want to get rid of all my gardens, go home and sleep for a millennium. But I don't, because creation is my passion, because I am driven by the belief that all life is amazing and deserves a chance to exist.

If I were the Creator of life and all things, the being to which everyone always asks a million questions about the purpose of life, our place in the universe, and a dozen 'why's?' Maybe I'd write you all a letter, and these are a few of the things I'd tell you. But I'm not... I'm just a writer, allowing my contemplations of life, existence and the universe, to flow out in words.

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