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Updated: May 5, 2020

SEARCH for it, Find it, Breathe it, Live it, Love it.

Fight for it, Obsess about it, Research it, Sweat for it, Ask yourself if you’d bleed and die for it?

Stay up late at night thinking about it, Dream about it, Wake up to it, Become it!

Need it, get Mad at it, cry over it, Question it, and yourself, Through it, Ask yourself, 'Why do I Love this?'

Be Annoyed at those who fake it! Try and escape it and Realise you Can’t leave it. Write about it, Sing about it, Read about it, Smile because you found it.

Work at it, Support it, Share it, Show it, Express it, be Proud of it!

Talk Non Stop about it, Annoy your friends with it, find Others who love it!

Argue about it, for it and because of it!

Contemplate it, find out Where it came from and where you can Take It.

Look for it in Every one, in Everything and Every place! Be About It!

Do it because without it you’re not Living! But, What Ever it is, For the Love of Existence, Find Something To Be Passionate About!

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