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People talk about following your path, and for those that truly do they understand how important and freeing it is. But what they also understand is that that path isn’t simply laid out in front of you. It’s a feeling, a pulling towards a direction in which you are never truly aware of the end. It’s like seeing the sun and knowing that that is where you want to go, but accepting and being comfortable with the fact that you’re not a 100% sure upon which country that sun shines down upon, you just know you need to follow the path that leads to the sun. But the path itself is work because it begins as a pile of strewn, scattered and broken stones and rocks. You can see the sun but the path on which you must step to get there hasn’t even been built yet. So the first step is not a step it’s a building, a laying of the foundation. It’s a picking up of that first rock, or stone, polishing and dusting it off, and placing it on the ground as the first piece in the path you must now build to get to the sun.

Now a lot of people see the Sun but instead choose to walk towards the fake neon lights of materialism and temporary satisfaction, because the path that leads there has already been built. A smoothly paved road with street lights, fast food joints to eat at, bars and clubs to drink in and flirt with members of the opposite sex, nice clothing stores to buy the latest outfits and shoes, and plush hotels in which to stay the night. Hell they even now have express trains, aeroplanes, cars for sale, or taxis, to get you to those glowing neon lights quicker and easier. So most people pick up that first stone and roll it around in their hand, as they look at the dirt road ahead on which they must build a path from scratch, faith and belief.

They see dark forests ahead filled with uncertain things, in which they’ll have to find a place to sleep, a way to feed themselves, keep warm and survive. They see hills and mountains they’ll have to climb, lonely nights, and long days. They see all this and then they look down at that single stone in their hand, the first piece to lay down, the beginning of the building their path, and they let it drop to the ground, back onto the pile, saying to themselves, ‘maybe one day’, as they turn around and follow the man made, conformed path already built and lined with luxuries to keep them going.

You see, those that choose to build their own path look upon the neon lights and see an artificial glow shining down on a world full of unfulfilled promises and restless dreams. They look at all the food and clothing stores, bars and clubs, trains, planes and automobiles, and they see no space left to grow, no space left to develop and learn and mature, no where for their spirit to truly be free, and no where for their soul to shine.

They see that everything has already been put in place, established, and set in stone. The neon lights ironically becoming a shadow cast over the unwavering solidness of that already built path. Then they turn to the pile of rocks and stones in front of them and there they foresee sweat and hard work, their hands cut and bruised, their bodies baked under the sun. But in that they see the independence it’ll ingrain in them, the way it’ll push them to use their mind and hands in the honest work of self fulfilment, and the appreciation it’ll give them for the journey of life, with every stone and rock they put into place.

They see the dark forest ahead, the mountains and hills, the long days and lonely nights, but for them it’s different. Instead of lonely, they see calm nights of reflection under the stars and moon. They see space in which to run, jump, roll and free their spirit, when they break from the hard work of path building. They see a forest filled with trees to climb, flowers to admire, and animals to observe and wonder at. They see the hills and mountains from which they’ll be able to look out at undiscovered lands and places. They see the opportunity to learn, to survive and live off the amazing earth upon which we exist, the earth which can provide everything we need if we just take the time to explore it. They see a journey, an adventure, an experience in learning. They also see other paths in the distance, leading off in all directions, as others work hard to build their path towards the sun; The shining beacon, lighting a way filled with wondrous possibilities.

These path builders look down at that first stone in their hand and cast any doubt aside, mustering their faith, belief and conviction in the instinct which lies within them. They do this and then place that first stone in their pocket to carry with them always as a reminder of that first step they took, mentally, physically and spiritually, onto their path. And then they roll up their sleeves, lean down with a smile, pick up a second stone, and begin to build the path that they will follow.


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