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Updated: May 5, 2020

Be a Rebel! Be a problem for anyone who takes authority as a sign to belittle and mistreat others. Stick a middle finger up to arbitrary rules that exist in the face of common sense. Be different, just because everyone else likes to be the same, and someone needs to makes waves and rock the boat just to test how sturdy its foundations are.

Shave your head, get a tattoo, talk when someone ‘shhh’s’ you, because shhh’ing is more annoying than talking. Embrace what everyone else complains about. Speak the truth even when you know it’ll piss people off. Laugh loudly in a quiet place because that shit was funny and you just had to let it out. Shout sometimes, because we need the release. Be late sometimes just because you can, and it’s boring to always be on time. Quit something! Not because it was too hard, or you couldn’t do it, but because you realised that it wasn’t for you, that it didn’t speak to you, move you, or ignite your soul. Question everything! Make people have to consider the 'why’s' of what they believe. Pushing them to have to at least explain the reasons behind their convictions. Make them afraid to just repeat what they’ve heard unless they can show they understand what they preach. Disagree with others regularly, because there is no way everyone agrees with everyone. And if someone asks you why you always feel the need to disagree? Look them square in the eyes and ask them, why they don’t? Don’t be someone who just believes in something, be someone who fights for it, yells about it, and takes on anyone who tries to disrespect it. Speak up when everyone else wants to but are too afraid to cause a commotion. Be the storm in the world when everyone else is content to be the breeze. Be a Rebel! A trouble maker! A fire that blazes fierce and alive and out of control, so bright that those who are inspired by your flames dance wildly around you, free, uninhabited and unashamed to release the wild spirit of their souls.


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