WORKING MAN (Mockumentary)

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Written and Directed by Emmanuel Adelekun

Produced by Emmanuel Adelekun and Iannis Aliferis

Jacob's passion has caused him to quit his job and become a depressed shut in, ever since his work colleagues started teasing him for what he does on the weekends. Believing he deserves respect, Jacob's girlfriend Shelley, hires a docmenttary crew to follow Jacob around so everyone can see the special job Jacob does for them.  But then a revitalised Jacob decides to take the training of his passion even more seriously. 


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Written by Emmanuel Adelekun

Directed and Produced by Jon Yang

Jamie has been kept back in detention for once again not handing in his homework.

Kate Is sitting in her after school piano lesson, bored and uninspired as her music teacher naps through her playing.

When the two escape there individual after school confinements and meet on the school roof, they find they have the same similar dreams of escaping the pressures and expectations life has already put on their young lives.

JUSTIN HUSTLIN (Short Comedy Animation)

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Co Written by Emmanuel Adelekun, Elinor. D Perry-Smith and Carlin Corbyn 

Justin is a young, wannabe enterpriser living in south east London, who is constantly coming up with crazy ideas to make money and also mentored by visions of a famous millionaire.


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Written, Produced and Directed by Emmanuel Adelekun

A Zen Master teachers gives his apprentice a lesson in the ways of letting go and having a clear mind, through the use of a very old and painful game. 

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