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"If you want to express your story and message to the world, it's all about picking the right words" 
-Emmanuel Adelekun

​I'm a Storyteller and Content Writer

I believe words and stories are powerful. 

They are how we express and communicate who we are, and a way to give our unique message to other people and the world, to inspire, move, teach and connect.   Expressing passion through words is what I do. 

​I have years of experience and an extensive background in content writing, script writing, film making and comic book writing, and also experience working as a script supervisor, producer, director and assistant director.  All this I use to better tell powerful and meaningful stories.

I also have years of expertise and knowledge in the hip hop culture, dance, especially the dance of Breaking (Break dance), and also martial arts, sports, travel, events, film, TV and self-growth.

​If you would like to work with me for work-for-hire, commissions, collaboration, or have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me at: 


​Phone: +44 7538 35 2199

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