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Emmanuel Adelekun is a Writer and Content Creator 


He is a Journalist currently writing for and, traveling the world and writing articles on lifestyle and culture. He specialises in hip hop culture, Breakdance (B-Boying and B-Girling), travel, event, film and TV reviews. 

He is Creative Storyteller experienced in scriptwriting, visual storytelling, comic book writing, and script supervising.

Poet and Self-Development Writer, writing pieces to open people's perspective to the possibilities of their own abilities to create, evolves, learn, heal and find their own authentic form of self-expression.


Emmanuel puts into words the things that people experience, learn and feel but don't know how to express. 

 And he writes and creates content to tell the stories of those with something meaningful to express.

For work-for-hire, commissions, collaboration, or any other inquiries, contact Emmanuel at:

Emmanuel Adelekun

The Vivid Scribe